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Should I be taking the most rigorous AP classes offered at my high school or ones that align with my major?

My High School doesn't have class rank and I'm planning on taking AP Lit, AP Gov, Physics H, AP calc AB, AP chem, AP Bio and french 4 my senior year. I'm Planning on majoring in English on the pre law track and I want to go to a top 20 school. Should I take out one of the science APs and instead take AP human geo? But for top schools to show you can handle the rigor do I have to take AP chem or Bio since they're some of the hardest AP classes offered in my high school even though I don't want to apply for anything in stem.

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17 days ago

I think both are important-rigor and classes that align with your major. An effective way to accomplish both would be to take a mix.

Yes, I think you should take out one of the science APs and then tale AP human geo. It is really important to take classes related to your interests as it shows passion and a determination to learn as much as you can even while you are in high school.

Hope that helps and lmk if you have any questions!

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