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AP tests without taking classes?

Is there a way to take the AP test without taking the class? My school doesn’t offer AP classes but offers a different type of college curriculum that introduces similar information to what is on the AP tests. I am not sure if there is a way to take the tests elsewhere?


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17 days ago

Yes, you can take AP test without taking the corresponding AP class. You don't need to be enrolled in any AP class to take the exam, you'll just be "challenging" the test. If your school doesn't offer AP classes, they might not offer the tests either. If they do, reach out to your counselor or the school's testing coordinator to see if they can order the test for you.

If your school can't provide the test, you'll need to find an alternative testing center, such as another school or a college's testing center. If you DO need to find a testing center go to the following link and fill out the information they ask for, it's going to give you a directory of all the available testing locations based on your area and the subject you want to test in.

Link: apcourseaudit.inflexion.org/ledger/

If you end up needing to test at a different location outside of your school, you'll likely need to contact their testing coordinator to arrange payment and ensure your test is ordered and set up. However, it's best to check with your school first, because they might be able to make this process easier and they might also offer fee waivers to reduce the cost of the tests.

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