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Do I have a chance?

Due to the loss of my grandmother and aunt in my freshman and sophomore years and needing to take online classes, I have a gpa of 3.55. It is possible that my highest gpa if I take more remedial classes would be a 3.7. Weighed, I would have a 4.36. I have a 1560 SAT. I am ranked 1st place in International Deca competition, and was invited to an international research competition. I am usaco gold, and have a prestigious volunteer recognition award. i founded a nonprofit which provided opportunities over 30 foreign countries. I was also nationally recognized for my efforts to bring women into stem. i am looking to major in computer science or finance. My dream schools are stanford, usc, or ucsb. do i have any shot of getting in? what can i do to improve these chances? will colleges reject me because of my poor grades, or will they understand my circumstances? thank you!


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Yes just keep trying hard they probably wont feel pity for you but looking at your extraucirrculars remeber grades arent eeveryhing most collegs. weigh extraucriruclars and some even weigh strandard tests more, so if you have more time maybe focus more on your grades but to combat the low grades (which arent even that bad), try to craft a really good essay and focus extraucriculars in one area for the type of school you want to go into and whatever you want to study at said shool

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