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advice on increasing my chances to get into Air force academy

I am a sophomore in high school with a 4.38 weighted GPA and 3.9 unweighted, and I got a 1350 on PSAT. I am on varsity wrestling and do many other ECs such as NHS, YIG, MUN, and student government. My school does not offer any ROTC opportunities. I am seeking advice on increasing my chances of getting into USAFA, such as good ECs or other things that look good.

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Well, it seems like you're doing everything you can academically. I would say join an academic team of some sort if your school has any and make sure to fill out their questionnaire in March of your junior year. If you need the link, I will make sure it gets into this somewhere. There's a summer seminar you can attend when you're going into your senior year. Their academic requirements are:

-Four years of English (with a college preparatory class in writing)

-Four years of math

-Strong background in geometry, algebra, trigonometry and precalculus

-Four years of science

-Lab-based and should include biology, chemistry and physics

-Three years of social studies (to include a course in U.S. history)

-Two years of a modern foreign language

-We look for modern foreign languages with an emphasis on strategic languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Russian. While not a modern foreign language, Latin is acceptable. American Sign Language is also an acceptable course.

-One year of computer study

-Computer Science courses or related courses that focus on coding, programming, and web development.

They highly encourage athletics as well as academic ECs. If your school has one, you could always join a weight class or weightlifting club. It will not only help you with the athletic eligibility but also with your varsity wrestling (coming from someone who has wrestled).

Here's the link: academyadmissions.com/prepare/high-school/

19 days ago

Try making connections with city, county, or state officials. It could even be as simple as trying to send emails. Additionally try and volunteer with the city to show civic engagement, in my city they have a youth council, check out if your city does. There is also a program called civil air patrol. What looks best is showing your leadership abilities (may try going for captain in wrestling for example) and they want to see your team member skills.

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