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Can I get full scholarships with just good academics?

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I'm a 12th grader international student from Ethiopia and I have a GPA equivalent of 4.00 and good SAT scores. But I have a big problem with extracurriculars and personal essay. Will I be able to get a full scholarship based solely on my academics? If you can recommend any schools suitable for me in that aspect, it will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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The top colleges in America mostly offer financial aid to International Students based on need, not merit. What this means is that if you apply to a top private college and get accepted because you pass the threshold for admittance, they will offer you a financial aid package based on your family's needs on the separate financial forms you have to fill out as part of your college applications. As an Intl Student, you do not qualify for US Federal or US State grants to attend college.

There are thousands of private colleges in the US and some of them do in fact offer Merit Aid for Int'l students but I can't tell you whether that is 20% or 40% or a full scholarship or not. You have to do your own research and make a list of schools and contact them directly one by one to figure out which is the best place for you to apply. Here is a list of schools that offer Merit Aid to Intl Students but like I wrote before, I have no details on what the requirements are to apply for merit aid to those schools. I also put links below for different blogs that discuss Merit scholarships in better detail.

Boston University

California State Long Beach





Iowa State

Johnson & Wales



St. Edwards


University of Chicago

University of Houston

University of Richmond

University of Rochester

University of Vermont





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Would like to add some other full scholarship colleges.

University of Alabama - https://gobama.ua.edu/international/scholarships/

University of Arizona - https://admissions.arizona.edu/cost-aid/international/international-tuition-award


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