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Should I take another AP class or continue with french?

Next a year, I plan on taking AP Lang, AP Gov, AP Calc AB, AP Bio, AP Chem, Physics Honors, and French IV. But I really want to take AP Human Geo because it kind of aligns with what I want to major in more, which is English on the pre-law track, or something similar to that like journalism. And I've already taken in three years of a language, which is what I need to graduate. I had a B for two years, and then I had a C+, and I wanted to show some grade progression because I want to get into a top 20 school. So I was wondering, should I take French IV next year, which is an honors class, or should I take AP Human Geo? What would look better for top schools? The APs I've taken so far are AP US History, AP World, AP Seminar, AP Lang, and I withdrew from AP Econ. So it's not a very good hard course load, so I need to kind of pile up on APs, but I'm not exactly sure what I want to do.


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Here are just some personal recommendations I have:

1. Top schools are quite "subjective". Do you mean top schools in the world, top schools in the US, or what?

1a. For the UK, APs are the most important. Not your grade in AP classes, but AP scores. (Then SAT, then ACT, then GPA which is sometimes not even considered too much).

1b. For the US, ECs are the most important. For smaller and lower tier universities, ECs are 35% of your application and for top schools (in the US) they are worth up to 55% of your application (30% essay + recommendations, and 15% test scores + GPA. This is the case until you excel in many areas of certain categories, such as sports, academic achievements/awards, or personal character).

1c. I don't know much about other countries, but top universities in Germany, the Netherlands, and Japan look at SAT the most, then GPA.

2. Personally, I'd say take as many APs are you can handle. This year, I took 7 APs (as a junior) and plan to take 5-7 more in senior. So why not take both high level French and Human Geo? Unless of course it would remove too much time from ECs.

3. I'd actually recommend AP French over French IV if you have the option. At least in my school, AP Japanese is between Japanese III and Japanese IV, and AP French is between French III, and French IV. (And according to some of my classmates, AP German is between German III and German IV, and AP Spanish Lang is between Spanish III and Spanish IV). Basically, AP Foreign Languages are usually between III and IV (except for maybe Spanish Lit which is between IV and V in my school).

3. I actually do not recommend having three science classes unless you haven't taken that class yet in high school. The main exception to this is if you're majoring in STEM (which I don't think you are based on pre-law track). I would personally remove Honors Physics and replace that with AP Human Geo if possible if you have already taken regular Physics earlier. If not, replace one of your other science classes (since you're taking AP Bio and AP Chem, I assume you have already taken the regular classes). I would recommend dropping AP Chem more than AP Bio (as someone who's taken both).

4. If worse comes to worst, and you still have to choose between those two, I would say take the AP, especially considering it will help with GPA, and it is more relevant to your major.

5. Ultimately, the decision is up to you, take my advice as a grain of salt.

Hope this helps,

SilverDragon (11th/rising 12th, Class of 2025, from Japan, AP veteran).

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