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How can I raise my ~3.5 weighted GPA to a 4.0 in Junior year

I'm currently a sophomore in high school and this year has been terrible for me. I have gotten C's for the first time in my second semester and it ruined my GPA (although it hasnt been calculated yet, I can assume it dropped my GPA badly). For my Junior year, I aim to get 95+ for all my subjects (2 AP classes, the rest is all honors). Will that help boost my ~3.5 GPA? I feel unmotivated as well since I really wish to attend Northeastern...

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13 days ago

3.5 to 4.0 GPA in a single year from sophomore to junior is near impossible. That being said, it is not COMPLETELY impossible. Based on your current courses you're taking, then yes, I'd say it's impossible.

If you're taking the same number of classes as you are taking in a normal year, you would need to have a 5.0 weighted GPA during junior year to raise that 3.5 to a 4.0. That would mean getting all As and A+s in only AP classes.

That being said, when I said it wasn't completely impossible, for example take a look at this one (Source: One of my senpais/upperclassmen):

Freshman 2.9 GPA (7 classes)

Sophomore 4.4 GPA (7 classes: 3 AP, 4 regular; achieved 4.4/4.43 max) [Overall: 3.6]

Junior 4.6 GPA (14 classes: 10 AP, 4 regular; achieved 4.6/4.71 max) [Overall: 4.1]

This means that if you're really going to take a lot more classes, and get perfect grades on all of those, then you're set.

In addition, while Northeastern does not have this kind of system, UC schools as well as schools in the UK/Japan only look at 10th and 11th grade GPA.

This means that they only look at 10th/11th grade scores. e.g., take a look at mine:

() = beginning of the year

High school classes in middle school: 4.2 (3 classes)

Freshmen: (2.9) 3.0 (7 classes)

Sophomore: (3.1) 4.0 (7 classes)

Junior: (3.8) 4.2 (7 classes)

This means that my UC/UK GPA is actually 4.1 and not and not 3.8. That's another thing to consider. (This is despite my GPA by the end of sophomore averaging to 3.5). (I plan to get a 4.6/4.7 GPA during senior year.

Overall, I won't say that 3.5 to 4.0 isn't impossible under the right circumstances by the end of junior year. However, based on your current information, that is definitely impossible. However, I will say that but the end of senior year (likely not junior), having a near 4.0 GPA is absolutely possible for you assuming you take the hardest classes possible and get all As and A+s.

That being said, don't be worried about a lower GPA. There are some cases in which Northeastern has accepted a GPA as low as in the 2.0-2.49 UW range.

Hope this helps,

SilverDragon (11th/rising 12th, Class of 2025, from Japan, superb at raising GPA)

8 days ago

Hey kikiskiwi,

If you improve significantly in your Junior year, some teachers may go back and change your grade from previous semesters. Most teachers want to see you succeed, so it's important to communicate with your teachers as you never know what they are willing to do! If you show your motivation to go to Northeastern, they will almost certainly be willing to work with you in some way towards your goals.

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