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Some advice for my IB subject selection/Questions about AP and IB

Hi. I'm an international student and current high school sophomore(soon to be a junior). I've been attending a school with an AP curriculum for the past two years.

Standardized Test Scores:

Duolingo 145

dSAT 1580(paper SAT 1530)

List of AP exams I've taken so far:

AP US History(score comes out in July)

AP Bio(score comes out in July)

AP Lang(score comes out in July)

AP Psych(5)

AP Computer Science A(4)

side note: I feel pretty confident about APUSH and AP Lang(I'm expecting a 5 for both), but I kinda fcked up on AP Bio. Fuck AP Bio, Photosystems can kiss my behind.

Somehow my life has thrown such a curveball at me that I am transferring to an IB school after 2 years of AP(Great, two more years of grinding away my body and soul).

IB Subjects that I have planned as of now:

HL: English A Lit, Math AA, Chem

SL: Psych, Philosophy, Latin

Three questions I wanted to ask, though.

1. I'm hoping to major in Neuroscience or Psychology. Do I have to take IB Biology to get into a STEM major even though I already took the AP equivalent?

2. I've literally just started learning Latin. How proficient should I be before I take the SL IB Latin course?

3. How hard are HL IB Chemistry and English A Lit? English has always been my strong point, yet my friends tell me it's a bad idea to take English Lit, and barely anyone takes it because it's too difficult. Similar idea for IB Chem, especially since I kind of suck at dealing with chemical equations and stuff.


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