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junior year courses & activities

Hi planning on majoring in History and applying to the T20s. these are the courses I am taking junior year...

1. apush

2. ap african studies

3. ap research

4. ap lang

5. ap psychology ( I don't know if I can take AP Chem my junior yr because guidance put me on the waitlist)

6. Pre Calc (Not honors)

7. Spanish YR III Honors

8. Crim law


1. 3 year in Moot Court (arguments emulating what they do in the supreme court)

2. 3 years in Mock Trial , I am probably going to get a cap position

3. 1 yr as a vex robotics cap (we made it to nats)

4. school ambassador (I work with the principal to devise plans to work with school guests)

5. church volunteer , started when I was around 11.. 30+ hours

6. 2 yrs on varsity badminton team

Any thoughts? Anything I should change? Thanks


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The courses and extracurriculars look good. For the extracurriculars make sure to demonstrate leadership skills if possible, by being a captain or president of that club/sport. Also, it is important to maintain a good GPA, and prepare for the AP Exams. These looks like pretty good classes and extracurriculars, because there are multiple AP classes, and the extracurriculars show both interest in history (Moot Court, and Mock Trial) and also focus on other fields, such as, athletics (Varsity Badminton Team), volunteering (Church Volunteer), and leadership (School Ambassador).

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