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Will an B (Not B+ or B-) in a College Preparatory class affect my weighted or unweighted GPA? (Junior)

So, this is the lowest grade I've ever gotten. In my school, we use weighted scales, so a 5.0 scale. A full AP (98-100) is worth 5.0, and Honors, 4.5, and CP 4.0. I moved to my town in high school, so I didn't take as many honors in freshman year as I should have, and underestimated myself. So, my cumulative GPA as of sophomore year was 3.83, and I had gotten all A's and A-'s except for one B in an honors class. This math class, although CP (and therefore supposedly easy), was a bit of a struggle for me, and I'm going to end the year with an 84. In the scale, that means its going to be a 3.0. My total credit hours as of junior year will be 95. How will this affect my weighted and unweighted GPA? Should I be scared?

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Unfortunately, it will lower both GPAs (weighted and unweighted). This is the same with any class. Honestly, in my opinion, 1 B shouldn't scare you. There are kids out there worrying about their chances because they get Fs. Compared to that, I think it's totally fine in my opinion.

In addition, for top universities, GPA only accounts for about 5-12% of your application as a whole, so I wouldn't fret about it.

If I were to list the importance from most important to least important, I'd say for US universities: ECs/Awards/Athletics, CommonApp Essay (+ teacher recommendations), SAT, GPA, AP.

For many other universities across the world (UK/Japan), I'd say: AP, SAT, GPA, ECs/Awards/Athletics.

Either way, I believe 1 B shouldn't affect it too much.

Hope this helps,

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