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What should I do junior year?

Hii!! I'm a rising junior and I have the intention to go to a school that's good for a business major (Northeastern or Boston uni) but I struggle to meet their requirements. I have a 93.28% weighted as of right now (my school..doesn't do unweighted..? yet it's on a 4.0 gpa scale..? not confirmed but it seems so as of rn) and I'm rank ~140 out of ~800 people in my grade. 1160 Psat but I have SAT prep and I score ~1300. However, this year I believe due to my increase in 70s as my averages, my 93.28 will drop.

- What should I aim for as my SAT score this summer for prep to guarantee a 1450 on my real SAT? I know that there are no guarantees due to the difference in my prep vs the real deal (my prep is paper...) but I would like to know an estimate!

-My next year classes are all honors and APs: Alg2, English, History, Physics, Mandarin, APCSA, and AP Psychology (excluded my electives). I should get above a 95 for all of them to try and boost my average right? If i maintain a 95+, would my 93.28 raise to at least a 95?

-I'm not involved in many clubs except for some boring ones. I've been on varsity volleyball since freshman year and all my other clubs were sophomore. I wonder if there's any additional extracurriculars I can do to expand my resume that's also business related. I wanted to start a club but that wasn't even approved.


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Hi! Here is how I would personally fix these problems.

1. To guarantee a 1450 on your incoming SAT, try aiming for 1470-1500, if you can get a score in that range, a 1450 would be pretty easy to achieve.

2. I don't know how your school calculates GPA, sorry, but I think so, my school take the APs pretty lightly. But in my opinion, 95+ would boost your grades up pretty drastically, and besides, it can't hurt to get good grades so try either way!

3. Is there any business related club in your school? If not, try to see what you could do to demonstrate your business strengths, for examples, you could be secretary of that club, or head of marketing, it doesn't necessarily have to be directly related to business. And lastly, you could do activities outside school, like try to join a workshop locally or look into internships offering near you, interships usually offer a lot both in your application and your experience.

Hope this helps!

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