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How should I go about this?

Hey! for context I am a rising junior and I currently have a 3.7 GPA coming out of 10th grade. My dream school is SMU, this summer I plan on spending a lot of time trying to figure out the best possible chances of setting up my application. I want to try and get ready for the ACT and the SAT this summer, I've done a whole bunch of extracurriculars growing up, but I'm not sure what's next? What should I be doing? I've done a couple of honors, and only one ap. Hopefully doing a lot more in the next two years.

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I just want to say that perhaps you should focus on either the ACT or the SAT, but not both. It'll help you study better, because there are differences between the two tests. For example, the ACT allows you to have a calculator in the math section, while the SAT gives you a formula sheet instead.

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Ok, Awesome. Thanks!

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It seems like you're on the right path! I'm not familiar with SMU, but a 3.7 is pretty good, so I have faith in your chances. If you want to raise your chances overall, I'd take some more APs and take the SAT a few times so you can superscore. If you want to start planning your essay, you can, but you don't have to do this for a little while. You should also start touring and interviewing with places soon, if you plan on doing that at all. You're in a pretty good spot at the moment! Good luck!

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