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Harvard SCEA admission

Due to covid-19, Harvard has 20% of freshmen taking gap year, in addition, Princeton canceled SCEA, it could potentially increasing more SCEA applicantions to Harvard. Do you think Harvard SCEA is more difficult than previous time?

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Harvard SCREA will be harder this year because there are fewer spots to fill in the Class of 2025.

If 340 students took a gap year and there are only 1663 in the Class of 2024, then this application cycle Harvard will be accepting fewer students.

Normally, say 5%-6% of Harvard admits take a gap year prior to matriculation or 80-100 students not 340. Therefore it you do the math they need to accommodate 250 add'l '24 students in the class of '25 so they can only matriculate 1413 students. If Harvard has normally accepted 1980 to fill 1663 spots then this year they will accept like 1682 students.

With regards to SCREA, last year they accepted 895 out of 6424 applicants for a 13.9% admit rate. This year I can't imagine them accepting more than 700 and they will get more than 7000 applications. So my best guess is that the SCREA admit rate will be around 10%, perhaps even lower like 8-9% if say 20% of the Princeton SCREA kids hop on the Crimson wagon.

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