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Hi everyone! I'm a high school student (about to finish my sophomore year) and was wondering where my extracurriculars stood and whether they need much more work or just a little. I've had trouble finding extracurriculars since I live in a country where I don't speak the language.

For context, I go to an IB school and am pursuing the IBDP next year. My school average is a 38/45 so I'm likely to score around there but of course, nothing is certain! I get above-average grades in school and I'm working hard to score top marks next year.

1. Piano

I've been playing the piano for the majority of my life. It's mostly recreational which I know means it isn't a very strong extracurricular but I've performed in some in-school concerts.

2. MUN

I've been in Model United Nations for a year now. I'm planning to do it for the next two years of high school and I attend the club every week but was also able to participate in a prestigious conference abroad. I haven't won any awards.

I'm also starting my own MUN conference that is completely online with a group of people from around the world that's set to take place this October. I am the Secretary General of the conference and hopefully, this will continue for the next two years as well. We are hoping for around fifty to one hundred delegates at minimum.

3. Sport

I'm not very consistent with sport. In the last years of middle school and the first year of high school, I danced with a cultural folk dance group and performed in many concerts both in the country I live in and abroad. However, it was dismantled last year. I appeared on television multiple times, performed in a music video (not a very popular one though), and spent a lot of time learning traditional folk dances of my culture. Otherwise, I did JV volleyball for one season, JV badminton for one season, and will do tennis lessons next year.

4. Yearbook team

I've participated in the yearbook team for two years now, creating a 300+ page yearbook every year with a group of other people. Next year, I will have a higher position in the yearbook team, most likely one of the editors in chief. In total, I will do this for four years.

In addition to this, I will likely find volunteering opportunities, fundraising opportunities, etc. as I will have to do the CAS part of the IBDP which requires you to have many extracurriculars. Otherwise, I have nothing that I am doing as of this moment.

I really appreciate your help and thank you for reading this far!

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