29 days ago
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When to start asking for letters of recommendations/Who should I ask

I am going into my senior year of high school. I am already on summer break and was thinking when I should ask for letters of recommendations. I was also wondering who else I should ask besides teachers or should I just stick to teachers?


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29 days ago

Personally I have gotten letters from my teachers and headmaster. In addition I got a letter of recommendation from the place where I interned during summer break.

Depending on what you have done you might want to check for a recommendation there. Otherwise it will be a good idea to have a letter from one of your long-term teachers who can talk about you, your passion and your growth and maybe one teacher close to your passion project or your intended major.

Since you are limited in the number of recommendations you can submit you will have to decide which letters are the best fit for each college/university you intend to apply to.

But I think it will also be good enough to just have two recommenders unless you are aiming very high.

26 days ago

You do not have to ask teachers...you can ask coaches, bosses, people you have had internships with, and others! Choose someone who can not simply attest that you are a great/nice student, but someone who can speak about the amazing, unique person you are and the potential you have. Really important not to just choose someone who thinks you're a nice, average student.

When to ask depends on when you apply. You want to give them plenty of time, so sooner is better rather than later, especially for teachers because they have so much work to do (school prep, homework correction, etc.)

28 days ago

I would ask a coach if you do any sports, your boss or supervisor if you have a job, or your school principal/headmaster.

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