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Which AP classes should I take?

I am planning on majoring in Psychology and maybe minoring in Linguistics. I am going to be a Senior, and I am going to be taking AP Psychology, AP Statistics, and AP Language and Literature. Keep in mind that we are not offered like so many APs, like 15 or more in our school. I want to keep my grades good, and at the same time not to take too much pressure to only do bad in senior year. Do these three APs sound like they would really help me in college for a Psychology major? There was also AP Biology offered, but I didn't sign up for it. I was told that taking 4 AP classes may be super overwhelming and be a challenge, whereas 3, even though overwhelming, is okay. Also, this is the first time I will be taking AP classes in high school, as we are being offered it in 12th grade, this year. What do you think? Is my decision good?


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The only change I would recommend is taking AP Bio because that connects the brain 🧠 to the body so AP Psych and AP Bio are connected.

Whoever reads your application would see a common thread in your Psych Major if you took AP Bio and AP Psych. Later on, in grad school statistics will come in handy but for the time being, having a clear sense of the mind/body connection is more important I think.

Best of luck.

Last thing. (I personally switched from AP Pysch to taking a college class online through UPitt Intro to Psychology. It's online and taught by 9 psychology Profs and different elite colleges and is a very reasonable cost. I did something similar this summer for Calculus and earned an A and 3 college credits. This one is also 3 college credits. The reason I did this is that it's only either 7 weeks (fast track) or 14 weeks and you get a real grade and college credit before you apply to colleges so it shows you went above and beyond and wanted to challenge yourself. Comment below if you want to do something like this.)

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I think that the amount is actually good, especially because your school doesn’t offer a lot of AP classes. I’d suggest signing up for Dual Enrollment classes at your local community college as well. Keep in mind though, colleges don’t just look at your grades and test scores. Your extracurriculars and the other components of your application have just as much or an even bigger impact on their decision. I hope this helped!


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