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Can I take my SAT score off of my transcript?

My school's transcript format includes all test scores. I took an SAT test with essay back in December 2019 and my score was not high enough for my target schools. I'm going to take the September 2020 SAT soon and if that turns out well, I want to submit that score. However, my transcript will show all of my test scores so if I take the September SAT, then my transcript will display a December test score as well as a September test score. Do you know if I can request to take the December test score off of my transcript?


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4 years ago

I’m not an expert but id lean towards no but it never hurts to ask your high school counselor if s/he says no it’s 15 minutes spent. If s/he doesn’t answer or says no it’s not a big deal as all schools consider the best test or super score which would just be the same test so there’s no negotitives to leaving it on. I’m betting it would have to stay on for the school records but again not certain and they may just drop the score for the submission transcript. I doubt it but it’s not impossible.

(Again this is my opinion but I’m pretty confident in my answer)

I could score a 1000 SAT then get a 1590 SAT and Harvard will just see the 1590.

Now if the scores don’t improve I’d reach out to the schools you are interested in and ask do they consider SAT scores that are listed on the transcript. I’m betting they will not consider but I’d double check. If they do consider it then I don’t know what to do.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

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