2 years ago
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I have a question about adding link crew from senior year on college applications?

I decided to do Link crew this year as a senior because I was overly busy junior year so I was not able to. I’m wondering if I should put it on my college application or in the resume to just show that I have a leader ship area. I also did volleyball and track for over years and am involved in national honor Society as well as mock trial. i’m just wondering if adding link crew make me seem fake because I only did it for one year. The only years that we could do it was junior and senior year so at most I would’ve done it for two years but I’m doing it for one. is it worthwhile to add on my resume ?

@lmarcela6012 years ago

I think no matter how much time you have spend on it, it will enrich your application. Dont focus on the time you have done but on how it have impacted you and your community.Go for it!

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Roseylovegb2 years ago

Should I include it on just the resume or the extracurriculars as well?? I have 8 already with 3-9yrs commitment each.

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2 years ago

It's better to have 1 year of an EC versus leaving an EC slot empty or blank depending on your what application portal you are using.

Does that make sense?

Application readers are used to seeing all the available slots filled out.

If it looks light or partially empty they might get the wrong idea.

In a perfect world, you would have overflowing ECS all with 3 to 5 years on them.


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