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Which apps or website should i use to improve my interview question answering skills to prepare for ivy league uni?

I am indian . Grade 10 . I study in Seth AnadramJaipuria School.

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We don’t need to know the school

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It's very pro-active of you to be concerned about how to interview well for an Ivy League interview.

Since you are in 10th grade, I will be frank and say you are a little early to the game since a.) you will not get a request to participate in an interview until you submit your college application in the Fall/Winter of 2022/2023 and that some countries like India have limited access to alumni that can perform the interview. If you live in a large city, there may be available alumni from each and every Ivy college, not so much from medium to smaller cities. Whether you get an interview in India will be completely up to the availability of people and the college to facilitate one.

As an example, I pulled this off the Harvard Website.

Is there an interview for international applicants?

Frequently Asked Questions


When possible, we try to arrange for you to meet with alumni/ae in or near your school communities. You will not be at a disadvantage if an interview cannot be arranged. In the U.S., Canada and the U.K., an alumnus/a will contact an applicant directly by phone, e-mail, or letter if such an interview is possible. If you live outside these areas, we aim to hold an admission interview when and where possible. Our interviewers abroad are graduates of Harvard who offer their assistance on a volunteer basis. While we try to make interviewers as widely available as possible, it will not always be possible for a student to have an interview. The absence of an interview will not adversely affect your candidacy.

International applicant interviews

We encourage interested international applicants to have an interview if possible. If an interviewer is not available sufficiently close to you to make an interview possible, the absence of an interview will not adversely affect your candidacy.

Katie Tracy is an Intl Student vlogger who has a video on interviewing with Ivys.


In 2 years when you are ready to apply and you know you are going to be an excellent candidate based on your grades, stats, ECS, and other factors what you will do is make a list of all the Ivy Alumni Clubs in India. Then you will contact the person who is in charge and tell them you are applying to that school and would like to know if you can meet up with an Alumni member to chat about Harvard, etc to get more information or tips. Most likely they will appreciate the initiative you took to contact them and possibly they will invite you to the club to have a 20 minute chat. So you might have to travel to meet up with them but it will be worth your while.

Harvard Club of Bengaluru

President: Meghna Prasad MBA '07

Email: hcbengaluru@post.harvard.edu

Harvard Club of Chennai

President: Kavitha Selvaraj MDS ’02

Email: hcchennai@post.harvard.edu

Harvard Club of India (New Delhi)


President: Shobhana Rana AB ’88, ALM ’05

Email: harvardindiaclub@gmail.com

Harvard Club of Mumbai

Co-President: Prashant Kandoi OPM '13

Co-President: Vikas Choudhury GMP '10

Email: hcmumbai@post.harvard.edu

Be resourceful, aggressive but not annoying.

If the Club info is hard to find on the college websites, go to Facebook.




https://www.facebook.com/browngirlup (BROWN UP is a really good resource for you because they are looking to empower and help persons of color in places like India. Follow up with that one okay?)

Best of luck in your college admissions journey.

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Is the best guide I could find


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