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Do I need more extracurriculars to get into an Ivy

I really want to get into an Ivy. Most likely Harvard. my extracurriculars include:

Events Coordinator For a non profit that provides educational resources, such as books, to underprivileged girls. Domestically, we support Title I schools to improve student reading levels. Internationally, we work with students in Uganda, Kenya, Southern India, Nicaragua, and African refugees. We organize book drives, ship donations, and hold read-alouds, which are proven to enhance literacy skills. We have donated over 1,000 books and have four chapters in the United States. We also run an international book club. We were also featured in the county’s newspaper

Founder of my own non profit organization

focused on helping women in crisis, particularly low-income women and those dealing with mental health struggles We support women through fundraising and donation drives, including collecting 7,050 articles of clothing for a local women’s shelter. We are partnering with a the largest women only walking group on my area who was featured on major national news sources to host a charity walk for a local women’s shelter. We’re trying to get this walk written about in the local and national newspapers.

I currently intern for Senator for his campaign running for my local district for congress.

I have been published in my county’s community press.

And I’m self publishing a book on Amazon

Got into my local districts congresswomen’s summer high school leadership program

And these are the extracurriculars I have so far. Is this enough to get into an Ivy League like Harvard? . I was also thinking of trying to create my own website or app that can kind of help act as like your own personal therapist in a sense. Do I need to do that? I plan on majoring in either English or political science on the pre-law track.


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Hey @riab1234,

Your EC resume is impressive, showing both a variety of activities and significant depth/impact in each of them that will really help out A LOT in your chances when applying to Ivies. I see traits of empathy, leadership, and action manifested in this showcasing which are all perfect for a poli-sci or pre-law track.

If you're going into 12th grade, I would advise sticking to your current ECs and streamlining your energy into them. Giving them more depth will make them more colorful and appealing to admissions committees, whereas if you started a website or app that you couldn't easily balance with your other commitments, this might detract from potential depth from your original ECs.

Assessed individually, your ECs seem to have the caliber Ivies look for, with both passion and accomplishment. However, keep in mind Ivies like Harvard tend to employ holistic review processes, meaning they take into account the entirety of your application (academics, ECs, personality, etc.). Great job, and good luck!

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