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common app essay

would yall do me a MASSIVE favor and tell me which common app essay topic u think is best? or tell me they all suck and i need to pick another one, that would be fine too.

1. my experience having an allergy and going into anaphylactic shock

2. working as a swim coach/close with kids (which i could relate to my studies cuz i wanna major in english to start a publishing company geared towards youth)

3. having trichotillomania (TTM)

4. writing a book (its unpublished but i do love it; also could relate to my major (obviously))

quite literally ANY advice would be eternally appreciated. thanksss bestiesss

@RandomStudent10 days ago

I would choose writing a book as your common app essay because it goes more into what you want to do with starting a publishing company for youths. If nothing else fails you can always use these other topics in supplementary essays the college(s) you are applying to want.

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