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Hello all,

I’m registered to take the DSAT on October 5. I took 2 tests to assess where I’m at in terms of skill level and I scored a 1510 and 1540 with no studying. I feel as if a 1600 is very attainable for me with targeted studying over the next 3 months. As I begin preparing, I was wondering if anyone could share their study plan and/or recommend books to guide my studies (I’ve been looking into getting Erica Meltzer’s grammar book and the college panda math book but I am curious if there are books better suited for someone with an already high skill level). Thanks a lot!


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17 days ago[edited]

Congrats on the scores--- they indicate you're in a very good position for testing.

My advice: just take practice tests over and over; the grammar books will only really help if your chief deficiency lies in grammar. You should be able to see what sections of the test tripped you up, and can target studying accordingly. But if you notice your mistakes are just random slip-ups (which would make sense if you got 1510 and 1540 w/o studying), your best bet is to take repeated practice tests to get yourself acclimated to flawless performance on a lengthy assessment.

19 days ago

I think Khan Academy (if you haven't done that yet) is a good place to start! It'll give you some extra tips for how to go about a question type and you can easily find your weaknesses!

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