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Is this college essay idea a good one for me?

So I have been having a college essay idea but still not sure if I will write on it. I'm probably going to be pursuing a psychology degree and become a teacher, work in some setting with children, maybe children with autism, become a child therapist, something of the sort. This essay idea may reflect that....so here it is, let me know if you think it's a good idea and if you have any tips/ideas/advice for me regarding it!

So basically i was thinking i could write about being the "big sister" throughout my life...like not just to my siblings bc I'm the first, but also in general I've always had a thing for little kids, i work as a teacher, i help little kiddos, etc. Etc. Tutoring sometimes, etc.....how it all kinda goes back to the being the 'big sis' and i can kinda jazz it up with like oh yeah this gave me leadership skills etc...and by having a college education, i can be a qualified "big sis" by being a teacher, educator, therapist, whatever...


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I think this sounds like a good essay topic for you, since it encompasses a lot of what you've done and are passionate about (tutoring and working with kids), especially if that passion is reflected in the activities section of your application. It also ties into what you want to do and why you want to pursue the majors you're looking into. My only recommendation is that you make sure to emphasize certain qualities about yourself (are you caring? empathetic? let them know you) in addition to your drive and activities.

a year ago

I think it's a great essay idea especially since its such an important part of you and your life.

My recommendation would be the following: Maybe pick a certain experience or a moment in your life that made you realized you wanted to pursue teaching and psychology. Its much harder to write an essay on your whole life without getting lost in the unnecessary details and forgetting what's important: YOU and your qualities.

Maybe choose a certain event/experience in your life which impacted your decision to study your chosen majors. That way you have a smaller story timeline to explain (if that makes sense), and you can more easily introduce yourself and your characteristics.. You can always broaden the essay to explain how said experiences lead you to start tutoring, helping kids etc...

Basically it's all about telling a smaller story rather than your whole life in one essay. You're more likely to miss things as well the the point of the essay when you're busy writing about your whole life in so few words.

I tried it and found out that I didn't even have enough space to empathize what was important to me in my essay! I ended up picking a certain memory and realized I had so much more liberty to write!

Hope that helps


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