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What should I do my senior year?

I'm interested in majoring in a specific foreign language because I want to pursue a career in foreign relations. My school doesn't offer courses in said language and I'm trying to decide how to maximize my senior year. My first option would be taking a heavy, but unrelated course load. My second option is to take 2-3 classes (instead of 8-9) and spend time in non-accredited classes and tutoring sessions to work on foreign languages. What would be better?

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This depends on if you have met the requirements for high school graduation. There's a certain number of science, math, english, etc, you need to graduate. Check into it before you make the decision to focus on foreign languages.

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If I was in your position, I would first ensure that you have completed all of your high school graduation requirements! After that, if you are all completed with those, I recommend keep your senior year classwork as light as possible. I would recommend taking 2-3 classes and spend time focusing on your foreign languages. It is extremely easy to get overwhelmed your senior year with college applications, senior year requirements, events, practices, etc. which can cause you to fall back or potentially be burnt out, completely preventing you from your goal. I recommend maybe finding an outside program if the opportunity is available for you that supports foreign language such as a club, an outside tutor, etc. If you want to keep it even more simple, getting a foreign language app or a friend that speaks said foreign language can always be great as well! Good luck!

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