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When requesting rec-letters, do I have to include which college(s) the letter is for?

I'm not sure how requesting rec-letters works or how those letters get to colleges I'm applying to. I'm not 100% sure of all the colleges I'm applying to yet, and I plan on applying to quite a few, so I don't know how I could properly get that information across to the people I'm asking, so I'm wondering if I need to.

Also, do people I'm asking send me the letters, or do they go straight to the college (or somewhere else)?

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2 years ago[edited]

If you are using a college portal like Common App or Coalition App, all the requests happen seamlessly and go to the correct colleges (from the recommender to the college admissions office). But first, you can't request rec. letter unless you pick the colleges and fill out the college applications and sign the FERPA recommender release form. It's the job of the portal to tell the teacher to fill out the recommendation to email it back to them with the deadline dates. Some colleges and college systems have their own portal or forms like the UC system or MIT or Georgetown so you have to follow their instructions however, they are very similar or exactly the same. (so if you haven't signed the FERPA for that college or left your college application unfinished, this process will not work, your recommender will not be getting instructions from say Boston U to send the recommendation at XXXX@BU.edu by 12/31/2020 as an example)

No, you do not receive the recommendations because a.) the colleges do not want you to see them, b.) the colleges do not want you to modify them, and c.) if you are an Int'l student, the colleges do not want you to translate them (which may lead to a different kind of assessment).

Hope that gives you some peace of mind. Regards.


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