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What level tier of schools should I aim for (e.g., Ivy/T20 vs T50 vs T100, etc.)

Hello everyone! I just finished junior year, so I am a rising senior. I would like to know what you think I should aim for realistically.

I don't exactly have the best stats.

As of now, I have (end of junior year):

A score of 5: on 1 AP exam

A score of 4: on 5 AP exams

A score of 3: on 3 AP exams

(4+: 6 AP exams)

(3+: 9 AP exams)

I have taken 10 AP exams and plan to take another 5-7 more which will amount to 15-17 APs in my high school (depending on whether or not I will take AP Physics C, still deciding).

(Our school offers about 15 AP classes and almost any AP exam (only) at the moment, out of which I plan to take 10 AP classes and 5 to 7 self-study APs by the end of senior year.)

My SAT superscore, sadly, is only at a 1400.

GPA: Unweighted: 3.434, Weighted: 3.775 (I did poorly in 9th grade due to COVID-19 lockdowns and other factors approx. 2.9 UW, 3.0 W in 9th grade)

California / UK / Japan GPA (only counts 10th and 11th grade weighted): A bit over 4.05

Canada GPA (only counts 11th grade GPA): About 4.14 GPA

However, my strongest part, I believe, are my ECs.

I have done about 3-4 passion projects, was in the Japan Math Olympiad top 10% contestants in 8th grade (because I took AP Stats in 9th grade, I was disqualified from then on out, as it counts as a college course and that defies the entry requirements). I am also the president and founder of my chess club. This club is certified by Japan's Chess Federation. I am also the vice president of my school's environmental club. In addition, I am a varsity runner in XC, and have been certified in a language exam in my regional language (Okinawan), and only 130 people (or less) ever have passed it. I am also part of my school's NHS (National Honor Society). (Just listing the somewhat major ones)

Uniqueness: Is a dragon lover, from Okinawa (Pacific Islander), loves to incorporate art in science.

I plan to major in bioinformatics/biostatistics/genetics. Personally, I am hoping for Ivy/T20, but realistically it's either T50 or T100.

For the US:

Dream schools (Ivy/T20): Stanford (#3 on Forbes), UC Berkeley (#5 on Forbes), Johns Hopkins University (#13 on Forbes)

Dream schools (T50): Pomona College (#36 on Forbes), Wesleyan University (#42 on Forbes)

Dream schools (T100): Tulane University (#52 on Forbes), Carnegie Mellon (#59 on Forbes), UC Irvine (#61 on Forbes), Harvey Mudd (#71 on Forbes).

I would prefer a full-ride scholarship if possible.


SilverDragon (Class of 2025, from Japan, 11th-rising 12th)

(Other [or under T100], please comment)
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Oh by the way, I forgot to mention that if I do really good this year, my final high school GPA could potentially go up to 3.95+ weighted


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