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Why does UC Applications collect our cookie information when we log into UC Account?

Why do UC Applications log Cookie and Device Data and Our Personal Data for undergraduate applications?

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a year ago

Every website and their dog does this. I'm not sure why you're worried. It's probably so they can keep your login data saved, but check the privacy policy.

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Here is a direct link to a 4 page PDF file that has full details of how UC's website privacy policy is used, including what they do with your cookie information, etc.


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a year ago

I’d email the UC system not ask on an online forum composed of 99% high school students. I’d contact them either via email or call at the link below.


Also if you click the cookies button there is likely gonna be a why cookies button or a terms of service or a privacy policy button listed if you click on that button it’s should show there cookie policy and may answer your question.


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