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What level tier should I aim for?


I am a rising senior and am so scared that I won't get into a good school :(

I would like to know what I should realistically aim for.

My stats:

GPA: 4.04 UW, 4.64 W

APs: 4 (as of now; 7 by the end of senior year). I have received a 5 on bio and lang and a 4 on BC calc and CSP

Rigor: 7 APs total and approx 16 honors classes. Been accepted into the Science Research Program (only 12 kids out of 350 accepted) and Peers Program (60 out of 350).

SAT: 1470 superscore, am taking it one more time and hopefully cross 1500

ECs (not too unique I fear):

- Volunteer as an EMT at my local agency. I work for 60+ hours a month and have been volunteering for over a year. I am a nationally certified EMT and am CPR certified.

- Research. I have been conducting research for two years now, first year with a partner (DNA barcoding), second year at Columbia University with a mentor (stem cell therapy). This year I am conducting research with a different mentor (cancer research). I am hoping to publish, but unsure.

- Treasurer of the Senior Homes Volunteering Club, VP of the Indian Culture Club, Secretary of the medical students of the future club.

- Volunteer at my local hospital where I deliver labs and patients to their respective locations. Also did clinical work at a different hospital where I took the vital signs, such as lung sounds, SPO2, pulse, and blood pressure of all the patients that came into the ER.

- I have been learning piano for 8 years and stopped by sophomore year of HS. I then started teaching piano to beginners. I am really passionate and still play recreationally; it has led to my passion for classical music.

My dream schools are Columbia, Princeton, and Georgetown, but they are very unlikely.

13 hours left
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2 days ago

Hi, you're doing great! Don't worry- you can get into a good school with these statistics! Don't sell yourself short, you got this!


2 days ago

The EMT thing is really cool. That's a pretty intense job; I think you'll be fine.


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