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• 09/05/2020 at 09:15AM

Will Lack of APs Hurt My Chances

I am a senior this year. I am interested in colleges like Duke and William and Mary. I have only taken four APs(lit and psychology this year, and lang and environmental science). I was supposed to take AP Gov or AP Gov Comparative, but because of COVID are classes of what we can take are limited. I want to major in video production/drama in college and fortunately I can be apart of advanced classes like Advanced Drama, Video II, humanities, and journalism (I am the editor this year). My question is will the lack of AP classes hurt my chances of getting into colleges like Duke? I play two varsity sports and have positions in drama club, journalism, and NHS, and stuco.

Also I have moved all my entire high school career and two/three of my high schools didn’t have APs to take freshman/sophomore year.

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• 09/05/2020 at 01:04PM

The AP rigor is relative, meaning that you taking four AP classes is either great or awful depending on how many AP classes were offered at your schools. I would assume that since you moved so many times your rigor would be evaluated on a year-by-year basis. What I would do is count up (in your CURRENT school’s course manual, or just in your head) how many AP classes are offered. Four total out of 20 is not competitive rigor, but four out of 10 or so is pretty good. The rigor is all context-based so while you may hear stories of ppl taking 15 APs and feel bad, if your school doesn’t even offer that many then you’re not competing w them in that regard.