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• 09/05/2020 at 05:52PM

How to quickly boost my SAT score?

I am writing my SAT in October, and am currently at 680 for EBRW and 750 for Maths. I'm trying to get to 740 for the EBRW and 780 for maths. So far, I have been using Khan Academy and practice tests. How can I quickly boost these scores?

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• 09/05/2020 at 10:09PM

Hi! I'd suggest you read the black book; It really tells you how you should treat the SAT test and how they try to trick students. If you really understand how the test is designed then it would be easier for you to answer quickly and correctly. I tried your same method of practicing daily with khan academy but it didn't show any results, so I really suggest you go through that book -which by the way also provides walkthroughs-and practice with the official college board sats available online. Let me know if you can't afford the book; my email: Best of luck with your application;)

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Hello, I'm also trying to improve my SAT score from 1010 to at least 1250. Do you think I could get the book link from you?

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• 09/05/2020 at 07:18PM[edited]

Hey! I was in the same situation and over the last three or so months I’ve been able to boost my score by 50 points without tutoring. I started out 1510-1520 and I’m now 1550-1560. my biggest area of weakness was reading which was where most of my improvement occurred, so for math I can’t really help you too much.

My biggest advice is that you need to learn the strategies that will help you get questions right as well as practice them. Just doing practice problems doesn’t actually help you get better, it just ensures that you don’t get worse at what you’re doing. You need to know what kinds of questions specifically you are getting wrong and then practice those specifically. Practicing whole tests or whole sections at a time is IMO not a good use of your time since it doesn’t help you improve on what you’re getting wrong. Target your practice for the best results !! Your biggest friend will be tracking the types of questions you get wrong and then LEARNING how to get them right !! practicing will just allow you to make the same mistakes. think of it this way- if you take a practice test w/o having done any real work/studying since your last one, how will you improve? Here are the strategies I used, by section:


you are probably just making stupid mistakes since a 750 is a great score for math. it shows that you have good understanding of concepts. my best advice is go through each question thoroughly and read it slowly, so that you’re not racing through the question. i now it’s stupid but underline and box the key words or what the question is asking you so you don’t find the wrong answer. for word problems, rewrite it in as few words as possible, or just note down the key details - there are a lot of extra words which are unnecessary and will confuse you. for more complicated questions, draw diagrams or pictures to help visualize the question. also, sometimes you don’t even have to solve for the answer - just use your calculator (if you can) to guess-and-check the answer choices to find the right one.


the biggest mistake people make is reading the whole passage before answering the questions. DON’T DO THIS !!! it uses so much of your time and does not really help you answer the questions because you don’t know what you should be looking fro while you’re reading. at the end of the passage you don’t really understand anything and then have to re-read it, wasting time. my advice is to read the questions before the passage and literally sort “general” and “specific” questions. “specific” ones like quotes, certain details, or vocabulary questions you can do first w/o reading the passage. once you get those done, go to the “general" questions and then you should have a good enough understanding of the passage to answer them. if you still don’t know how to answer the “general” questions, re-read only the part of the passage that mentions that question. another thing- THE CORRECT ANSWER HAS TO BE 100% CORRECT. I cannot stress this enough. so many answer choices would be right if not for that one word, or the fact that it just doesn’t feel right cause of how it is worded. that is your hint that it’s not the right answer because it’s not 100% right. test writers purposely make these very close, really compelling answers to mess people up because it sounds mostly correct.

If you can, I would definitely buy this prep books- barrons 1520 PSAT perfect score book - lots of practice, great strategies, and it’s not that expensive. it’s targeted for people who want to get a perfect score so it focuses more on SAT 1500s scorers who are looking to get closer to a 1600. it skips all the basic intro teaching that you know already.

Hope this helps, and you can do it!! Good luck :)

• 09/07/2020 at 07:08PM

Hi, just want to say that Mike Barrett's SAT Prep Black Book, 2nd Edition is a major help, or his video course here:

He teaches you about helpful strategies, but to sum up his reading strategy, it is that there is no need for interpretation. 100% of the time, the answer is "restated or demonstrated" by the passage they gave you. So if they ask what one author would think about something, the correct answer will have an idea that the author ACTUALLY WROTE on the page. This strategy eliminates the need for you to have to make "inferences" and takes away a lot of the opportunities to make mistakes. Mike Barrett has a FREE SAT intro and essay prep course, if you dig around.

Hope this is helpful!

• 09/05/2020 at 06:46PM

Always look for the most straightforward answer for the reading part. It's usually the most straighforward one the correct option. For math, try to use more reliable techniques like substitution options and back solving questions.