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Essay topic - culture shock

Hi, I’m a senior and plan to apply to US. Regarding my common app essay, I initially wrote my outline over the summer but don’t know if its college essay worthy. Hence, I’d like to ask for someone’s opinion on whether I should write about this or not. Please give me a brutally honest answer/opinion!

I was planning to write about how I came from an all girls Catholic school (went there since I was in first grade) and transferred to an international school (junior and senior year) when I was offered an academic scholarship. I’ll mostly focus on how this was an accomplishment AND a challenge especially dealing with the changes in culture and lack of familiarity with the people and education system (international Baccalaureate).

To give a bit of a description to whoever reads my question, I was top of the class in my previous Catholic school and I was certainly not prepared when I transferred to an international school where the education system was completely different and I had to deal with this along with classmates whose attitudes/ personality were quite challenging to deal with. On top of this, I was living away from home because the school was a 1-3 hour drive away depending on traffic. (If I collected all my tears in the first few months of transferring, it would probably amount to a river haha)

After mentioning the accomplishments and challenges, I’ll tie this to how I turned from this somewhat weak, close minded and conservative girl to open minded as well as how I started from zero and thinking of myself as a fixed point in the map to completely loving my new school and wanting for more of the worlds diversity.

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Use the CV essay peer review option not QA forum

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I think that this topic is good enough as it reflects how you can overcome life challenges. When I need to write good content, I use helpful sources, such as https://studyhippo.com/essays-on/culture/ to get some examples. By the way, I've also written a culture essay, and this resource has really helped me. I guess that it can be useful and helpful for you.

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I think it's a good essay topic to write about personal challenges and obstacles and how you overcame them.

One thing that you can embellish on is the lessons learned and how they have transformed you into who you are today.

Also, it would serve you well to discuss specific examples of how you have changed.

For example, when there is a new girl at school do you reach out to them to help them get adjusted or offer them help and advice?

Do you see yourself as someone that is brave, fearless, and leads by example?

As you are closing out this chapter in your life, what is it that you are looking forward to doing as a college student and how has the International School prepared you to take on future challenges?

Best of luck in your college application process!

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