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3.97 right now and it will be a 4.06 after 1st so should I apply to my dream school (stanford) early or wait?

My dream school has been Stanford University since I was a little girl and I have been working on my essays all summer, intending on applying early. So, currently, my GPA is a 3.97 but after first semester if everything goes as planned It will be a 4.06, so should I wait to apply regular decision or apply early because I know that applying early means that they don't get my first quarter grades.

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So is 3.97 an Unweighted GPA or a Weighted GPA? Do you know what your UWGPA is for the 10th and 11th grades? Because at Stanford, they look at your transcript and re-calculate your UWGPA by throwing out your 9th grades and just use the 10th/11th. (Unless they have changed their methodology). Hope that helps.

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Yeah so while this may come off as a chance me question, which is not allowed here (use the chancing calculator and live streams for that), I can answer your question of whether you should apply early or not. What I will say is that a 0.09 difference in your GPA won't mean much at all. They won't reject you because you're GPA is slightly lower than it could have been. You clear the academic threshold, which is all that matters. If they do reject you, it would only be because of other aspects like ECs or essays. And if they needed more time to see if your GPA would improve, they would defer you to the regular decision period and reevaluate you there. So don't let your GPA stop you from applying early. If it's your dream school, apply and it will increase your chances.

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