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If I don't take a social studies class in my school (I'm from outside of America), can I take those courses in college?

Ok so I won't go into specifics, but I'm essentially an American citizen who lives in India, so I should be considered a domestic student (IDk really, those websites are confusing af). I'm in 9th grade, and my classes consist of almost everything except social studies (because the humanity classes are super in-depth, and I have absolutely no interest in pursuing any of them). We kinda do have 'enrichment classes', but I doubt colleges will accept it because the exams are hosted by our teachers, not a certified board (especially because the rest of my exams are hosted by Cambridge International Education).

Will I have admission issues, or can they be resolved during college?

I have hopes for engineering, but my passion is science in general.

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a year ago

Yes, you can take social studies in college but if you are asking can you take them in college in lieu of having the requirements required to apply to the colleges in the first place, then the answer is no. Top colleges don't give you a pass and let you make 3 to 4 years of social studies pre-requisites conditional of their admittance.

If you are applying as a US Citizen to top elite schools you will have a gap in your HS requirements. The Ivy League schools like Columbia/Harvard etc and top schools like Duke, Vanderbilt, JHU all require either 3 or in most cases 4 years of history/social studies.

If you you and your family are interested in you applying to top American college then you need to find a way to take these courses online.

I'm a HS senior in a public HS so I'm just adding these links if you don't know where to start looking. Since you are American you should be able to have an easy time enrolling in an online HS to get your missing credentials.

Good luck with the rest of your HS career.


a year ago

Hey I too am an US citizen in India. And yes you will be considered a US applicant unless things change in 4-5 years time. What curriculum do you follow?


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