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Is 18 college apps too many?

Hi I am applying to 18 colleges and am wondering if it would be considered too many.

For context, I am applying to 7 UC colleges, 4 CSU colleges (including both Cal Polys), Colorado School of Mines, University of Pittsburgh, Northwestern, USC, Brown, MIT, Stanford.

I have already finished the UC essays and am working on perfecting them right now, but I just want to make sure that I'm not putting myself on a path towards failure...


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a year ago

You should be fine since you said you've pretty much finished the UC essays. That only leaves 11 schools and the majority of admits would say that's very doable. I think most of them with the exception of MIT is on the common or coalition app so you won't have to do much re-inputting of data. And if I'm not mistaken you can copy and paste most of the MIT personal section information. If you have time to do the virtual tours that would be good so you can have more to write about on the "why Brown? " or "why USC?" supplementals.

I've seen youtubers post applying to 30, 35 even 50 colleges and they seem to get them done but with mixed results. Why would anyone need to apply to so many schools is beyond me.

Good luck with your college admissions.


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