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How can I explain a poor school report on my applications?

Hi there! I am a senior, and my top choice is Wake Forest. I go to a small Baptist school that doesn't offer many rigorous classes. I took every single rigorous course available to me, and I thought that my guidance counselor's school report would reflect that. Well....it doesn't. It says very vague things like "honors courses offered in English, Mathematics, Social Studies, etc..." when the only honors courses available 9th-10th are Math courses! I need help on how to clarify these things on my Wake application, since my school report does not. When I look on the Wake application (I am applying through their institution app,) there is no space to explain this. How will they know that I'm not a slacker?

Thank you in advance!!

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4 years ago

Hi Hanna,

This question is very difficult to address. I created a Wake Forest Application for myself to see what the options are on the Institutional Application.

There are none. It's a very rigid format and there are no places to add additional information.

You might consider switching to the Common App or the Coalition App because they have places on the application you can add additional information and even add an Add'l Info. essay or a COVID-19 impact essay. On the Coalition App, you can even upload PDF files so if you had all the course listed at your Baptist School scanned into a PDF the application readers at WF can download the PDF and see for themselves that there was no course rigor beyond 9/10 math at your school.

That is the best solution I can offer you at this time.

Best of luck in your college admissions journey.

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