2 years ago
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What are the most accurate "chance-me" websites available for free?

I know we aren't allowed to ask about our chances here, so I won't do that. However, I would like to know what everyone thinks the most accurate or useful (free) chance-me websites out there are. This website works quite well but can't take into consideration that my school only offers two AP courses (so my chances are calculated much lower than reality). Maybe this is the most accurate one, which is fine. I just thought I'd ask. Thank you!


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2 answers

2 years ago

By far CollegeVine is the best one available. Hope that helps.

2 years ago

So while Cameron’s TLDR answer is correct I’ll go into more detail.

CV is the only website that factors in ECs along with the only site using rigor. Admittedly it’s rigor not in context but still.

But CV is far and away the best site and I’d argue best undergrad college admissions site. The chancing algorithm is definitely wonky if I change my race I get a 60% increase and someone had a 60% at if I remember correctly Columbia Univ so it’s ballpark guesses but I can confirm no other site is as in-depth as CV.

And as rigor is evaluated in context as in 4 ap classes out of 4 taken is better than 6 taken with 20 offered.

If you want to toy with it most schools with a sub 10% admit rate put 13-15 APs for Sub 30% put 12-14. For sub 55% put 7 for sub 65% put 5 sub 75% put 5 for sub 100% put 4.

PS if you want to get more info about the site email support@collegevine.com

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!


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