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I don't know how well prepared I am for the ACT/SAT and I live in an area where covid cases are pretty high. Factoring all of these in... Can anyone give me any advice as to whether I should take the SAT/ACT right now as a senior with 23 AP/IB/CC courses and a weighted gpa near 4.0. I'm worried my gpa will not be good enough but I also worry about how much of a benefit the SAT will really be. Thanks.


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4 years ago

There is no right and wrong answer to your inquiry but I have to admit you are all calling it at the 11th hour to decide you want to pose this question.

No judgments here, but why wait until Fall semester senior year to take a standardized test when you amassed 23 honors-level classes. Didn't your college counselor in 10th grade tell you do start preparing for the PSAT and SAT Subject II tests if you were taking all these sorts of advanced classes?

Are you stating that you currently have not 1 single SAT or ACT score to submit to support your academic narrative? I realize that since mid-March many schools have gone test-optional but what were you thinking in 10th and 1/2 of 11th grade when your friends and classmates were all taking the SAT and ACT? Again, no judgment here, and all the COVID-19 test-optional policies are a windfall gain for you. I'm just curious, very curious.

You don't have much time to take both the SAT and ACT.

Step 1. Pick either the SAT or ACT. If you have no idea, go with your gut or take a practice test for each and then go with your gut.

Step 2. If you score less than 1400 on a practice SAT and less than 31 on ACT then it might not be worth taking them given your other high achievements.

Step 3. If you feel good about taking a test, Sign up for 2 test dates one after the other because chances are 1 will get canceled.

Step 4. Grind as much as you can until the test date.

Step 5. You will get your test scores within 15 days of the test day so you can decide then whether or not you wish to submit them.

Since you do not have that much to decide, sign up, and study, you have to make a decision.

Is it better to focus on your essays and the overall quality of your college application or benefit from a standardized test like the SAT or ACT?

Again, I wish only to help and hope you end up doing the best thing for you.

Good luck with your college admissions process!!!

4 years ago

You should take the SAT/ACT because you can always choose to not send it to colleges if you don't score high enough

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