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When should I submit an application for rolling admissions colleges?


I'm applying to the University of Pittsburgh. I am wondering when to submit my application to the college, since they have rolling admissions. For context, all standardized testing has been completed and I've finished all but one essay.


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IMO It depends on circumstance; however, I honestly would just submit it as soon as you feel that your application is in the best state possible. If you feel that a major component of your application, like senior year grades, some extracurricular or competition, etc is something you need to wait for in order to submit, I would maybe hold off until later in the fall until some of that missing context will be added. If you’re good at this point and you feel confident in your application (I have a feeling this is one of your safeties, but if not then this still stands), I would just submit it as early as you can to get that decision back quickly. Of course, you need to finish that essay and have your application looked over by someone before you send it in.