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Chances of getting into BU SMED

Hello! I am currently a sophomore, and I am very interested in BU's BA/MD program, and really want to go there in the fall of 2022. I just wanted to get feedback on how my chances are, but I think its too early to tell.

AP's - World and Bio (have A-'s in both)

Future AP's - Lang, Physics C: Mechanics, BC Calculus, Psychology, US History (Junior year); Literature, Gov. comparative, Statistics, chemistry, environmental science, computer science A (senior year)

Total: 13 AP's

GPA: School doesn't do UW, approximately 4.28 Weighted so far

not taken any standardized tests (SATs), planning to take Math 2 and actual SAT in august, Chemistry in October/November, attempting to earn seal of biliteracy on diploma.


Playing the piano for 10+ years, RCM certified till level 7

Indian classical singing for 10+ years, usually lead singer in performances/recitals

Model UN

School Basketball

Math Honors Society (volunteering hours)

Science Honors Society (volunteering hours)

Science Olympiad (i am competing in anatomy and physiology)

Future EC's

National Honors Society


planning to start LEO chapter

volunteering at hospital (3 hours per week)

research internships over the summer

any recommendations for EC's? Any recommendations for better AP's to take?

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@fsoikin4 years ago

Hi! Have you tried CollegeVine's chancing?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@sanrad4 years ago

I did and it said that BU would be a target school, but this is probably not accurate for the seven-year med program because the acceptance rate of that program is much much lower.

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4 years ago

Personally I think it's too early to tell. Everything looks good, but that program is extremely selective so it's kind of a luck thing. Keep working hard, and come back junior/senior year for more accurate chances.

4 years ago

For AP classes, you could add AP Biology! You might want to drop another AP if you add on Bio though, just for a healthy balance

For extra leadership to make your application stronger, I know you said your sport is a huge time commitment, so you can try to make leadership positions in the things you already do. For example, be elected the captain of your basketball team. Run for a leadership position in one of the many societies that you listed. Maybe get a leadership position in Model UN or your Olympiad team. Starting your own Leo chapter is leadership already too! Don't sell yourself short -- you are crushing the EC game already and setting yourself up well for leadership.

It's easier to take a current EC that you do and get a leadership position in that vs. finding brand new opportunities, especially since it won't add that much extra time on top of what you're already doing. Just pick one or two of your activities that you are most excited about and think you can handle the added responsibility without getting overwhelmed.

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