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I'm Nigerian. I took the SATs but my school doesn't have teachers for SATII nor AP classes but I want to go to Harvard?

In 12th grade

15 years

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@vassarfudgea year ago

Most 12th graders are 17 or 18 here in the US. How come you are only 15? Did you skip grades? What's your SAT score?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Anja year ago

@vassarfudge my education system here is different :( I got a 1560 on my SATs. No I didn't skip any classes. We graduate at 16 or 17 over here :)

@CameronBamerona year ago [edited]

So when are you applying to Harvard then? This Nov.1 or Jan.1?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Anja year ago

@CameronBameron 2021 November. I just started 12th grade

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You can self-study for the SAT subject tests. They are very simple and most high school students from around the world have covered all the topics in it. As for AP exams, you will not be in a disadvantage as it was out of your reach so stop worrying about that. Good luck!


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