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Should I email colleges admissions counselours?

Some people tell me I should but I don't know what to say.


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Context is everything.

Before you decide to email your admissions counselor, get into the good habit of being meticulous with your writing. They will judge you on misspelling "Counselour".

Each college has an admissions section on their website and some of them like Vanderbilt, Tulane, U Michigan have posts and pages dedicated to how to contact someone on their admissions team. Do your individual research on the colleges you are contacting. Ask yourself why are you contacting admissions. Can you find the information you are looking for on their website FAQs or in specific areas of the particular school or financial aid office? Can you find the information you are seeking on Reddit, Quora, or other portals like CollegeVine? Can you ask your high school counselor or teacher if they know this information?

Before you email the college, exhaust your personal search for the information you seek.

The right and wrong way to email admissions counselors


How, when, and why to contact admissions counselors


Contact University of Michigan


a year ago

So some colleges consider demonstrated interest which is in a phrase official interactions with the university. Whether it’s a in person visit, virtual visit, social media, email, college fair, subscribing to their email list etc it all counts. The thing is most colleges don’t have it factor into their decision typically it’s done by elite universities excluding ivies and by some schools as a “tie breaker”. NDSU uses it as a tiebreaker for instance.

Typically I’d think of an obscure question some of my common ones I use are 3+2 and or 4+1 programs, adjectives to describe ECs, benefits to honors, stuff about the city. A fairly common format I use is

To: admissions@abbreviation.edu

RE: Hello and Introduction


I’m insert name and I am a insert grade in insert city. I just wanted to reach out as I am very interested in insert school. I had a few questions I am hoping you can answer.

Insert question

Thank you very much for your time it is vastly appreciated!

Sincerely and have a great day,

Insert name

Even if they don’t track interest which you can find by googling insert school common data set and finding the admissions considerations. I’d still recommend you do reach out as it can give you very useful info about their campus culture and if they should still be on your list.

For example I reached out to a school about study abroad destinations and they said something about foriegn languages not being taught besides python(coding language). That interaction can raise or lower your impressions so just the information is worth it even if there is no admissions boost.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!


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