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Improvement in PACT to ACT

So in the single ACT practice test I’ve taken I scored a 21 despite taking the PSAT score which translated to a 26 ACT score. What I’m saying is I have no clear guess on what my PACT or ACT score will be.

My school mandates taking the PACT and the ACT. I know for the SAT you should expect an improvement between 50-200 points.

How much improvement assuming moderate studying can be expected from the PACT to ACT?


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ACT.org has a very good PreACT to ACT conversion document that gives an example of a PreACT score and how that correlates to a guesstimate ACT score. Similarly to the SAT, PreACT scores are typically slightly lower than the ACT score. In the example doc, the PreACT score was 19 composite and the predictive ACT score was 20-23 or 21.5 avg. (not sure if ACT.org assumes students study between PreACT and taking the ACT, I assume so). While some say your score can improve 50-200 pts it strictly depends on where your baseline score is. If you got a 1450 PSAT, CV says to expect 1510 SAT, or if you got a 1220 PSAT, one can expect around 1320, and if you got 1000, then expect around 1140.



This is ACT.org's PSAT technical bulletin which deep dives into the methodology and other metrics and stats across the components of the PSAT and the target demographics.



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