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I want to study at mit usa I need complete admission process and want scholarship also i need to know is sat required

I have comleted 10th grade ana secure 92%marks ad 1027/1100 now in 2nd year más want to entre MIT in 2021 i also preparing IELTS

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I am in Pakistán and our intermediate class is 12th i have comleted my 1st year and will complete 2nd year in 2021 also guide me about requirements for my country and also admission process what is regular and early action etc PlZ

@VeggieDance4 years ago

Here you go with regards to Early Action versus Regular Decision. https://mitadmissions.org/apply/firstyear/early-vs-regular/

@VeggieDance4 years ago

It's doesn't matter if you are from Pakistan or India or China, the requirements are the same for international students.


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Here is what you asked for. Some of what you wrote doesn't make sense to Americans since we have a different school system from what you are doing.

By the way, what country are you in? Also if you are in 11th grade you cannot enter in 2021 but in the Fall Semester of 2022. Re: SAT, it is not required this year however most likely be a requirement next year. So be prepared to either submit the SAT or ACT. Also be prepared to submit 2 SAT II subject tests, one in Math and one in Science. MIT applicants are all smart so there is no MERIT based scholarship program at MIT. All scholarships are determined after you are admitted on academic merit and determined based on NEED. I'll add a link for that at the bottom. The last thing regarding English proficiency, you will want to submit a score of 7.5 or higher for the IELTS or 100 or higher for the TOEFL test. Oh, and if you see the grade point averages of admits, you need to get your grades up. On a 100 scale, MIT admits are 105 so almost all of them have perfect grades and take lots of APs, IBs, etc, and advanced maths like Multivariable Calculus and Physics A, B, C et.c BEST of luck! All this info is in the links below in great detail.

High School requirements for MIT


MIT Class of 2024 Admission Statistics


Information about SAT and testing


MIT Class of 2024 Demographics profile


Info about Financial Aid for International Students


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