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How do AOs evaluate blogs/personal writing?


So I have a created a personal blog but I am curious on how they would evaluate it as an EC? It isn't a well-known or for that matter known as I can't get it indexed on google and I've tried my hand at SEO and that wasn't a super fun experience. It also isn't themed on a subject just my daily life. JCDenton said a link wasn't needed on my application so Ive excluded that. I also have my non-blog writing (fanfiction) included in the same EC as an overall amateur writer EC. My EC description is "I write fanfiction & blog weekly to improve my writing, creativity, and attention to detail. I blog about what I do & value causing introspection." On collegevine I have it categorize as a Tier H bordering n Tier F under the "Writing" Catergory.

Please refer to 1st sentence for the question.


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Hi there! I think your evaluation there is accurate, as it would be dependent on word count in the chancing engine. I would just try to quantify your blog that way, rather than through audience. You might include how many posts you've written and how many words total there are (i.e. I've written 20 posts of ~1,000 words). Otherwise, it's very difficult to evaluate a self-driven activity. Hope this helps, and let me know if you have more questions!

Thanks! So I should focus on word count and or articles published?
If you could do both, that would be helpful, like in the example above! Otherwise, they have no idea how much you've actually written, since an article could be super short or long. If your articles vary greatly in length, I'd just give an average.
I post like 250 words every week while I have a few extemp articles that aren’t tied to weekIy udatespublish whenever there’s a special thing
I think it would be best to just average everything then and say "x number of articles of ~x number of words on average."
Ah thanks!