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09/12/2020 at 09:33PM

Cal poly application portal


Sorry this might sound like a stupid question but I cannot, for life of me, find the cal poly application portal on my browser 🤦.. is there anyone who could send a link to it please? Thank you!

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09/12/2020 at 11:29PM

Here is the link for freshmen applications, which I'm assuming is the one you want

Here is another link for the "how to apply" page

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[🎤 AUTHOR]@chiccc09/12/2020 at 11:49PM

Thank you so much

@gregccraw09/13/2020 at 02:18AM

It opens on October 1 this year I think.

Speaking of Cal Poly, are the CV chancing ratings wayyy to high for anyone else? My GPA and SAT are out of range by a longshot, but I have good activities and the school is listed as a safety. It should definitely be a target or reach as CSUs are very GPA heavy.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chiccc09/13/2020 at 02:23AM

Thank you! And yea mine are that way too.. I'm kind of suspicious for some of them

@DebaterMAX09/13/2020 at 02:50AM [edited]

As for your question about the chancing it’s wonky but it auto assumes holistic review one of the schools I’m most interested in requires any one of the following 3.0 GPA x ACT or SAT top half of class but I have a 3.9 GPA yet I only have a 95% chance so yeh it’s wonky but it’s the best available for holistic schools

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chiccc09/13/2020 at 02:53AM

So do you believe that it's accurate?

@DebaterMAX09/13/2020 at 02:57AM

Can you provide the school and GPA?

@DebaterMAX09/13/2020 at 02:57AM

Without knowing stats and schools it’s not impossible.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chiccc09/13/2020 at 02:59AM

lets say cal poly and I have 4.0 weighted 3.5 unweighted with a lot of IBs and APs ( i dont wanna do a chance me) but it said that it was a safety school for me

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chiccc09/13/2020 at 03:00AM

the range for that school is between a 3.45-3.8 according to CV but the major i want is highly impacted

@DebaterMAX09/13/2020 at 03:02AM

Edit the link was for CSU LB but the formula holds true if I remember correctly.

@DebaterMAX09/13/2020 at 03:04AM

I edited the link and if you go look at it and you look at your major if you exceed the index it’s a safety if you are just qualified it’s target and if you have to improve its a reach.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chiccc09/13/2020 at 03:10AM


@DebaterMAX09/13/2020 at 03:11AM

Your welcome!

@gregccraw09/13/2020 at 09:19PM

@debatermax cal poly is a lot more impacted than the rest of the csus and as a result gpa and sat ranges are more competitive. You need to do a hell of a lot better than the index to get into it. Cal Poly admitted GPA ranges: I'm in the 25th percentile for both ranges and it shows it with 92% odds. Engineering (my major) is even more selective.

@DebaterMAX09/13/2020 at 09:22PM [edited]

I know, the link that I posted not the one I removed shows that as you sort by school it shows the index score for the school and by major if I remember correctly

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chiccc09/13/2020 at 10:03PM

Thanks for the link it looks like I'm somewhere in the 50th percentile so hopefully I have a shot 😣🤞🏻

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chiccc09/13/2020 at 10:04PM

I'm not sure which index u are referring to though when you mention that I need to surpass it... Do u mean the one on cv or the link that u just sent?

@DebaterMAX09/13/2020 at 10:05PM

I’m not certain but if I remember correctly if you have an index score of the 1000 and the minimum is 990 you will be auto admitted. Again not 100% but that was my impression if you need/want to just email them.

@DebaterMAX09/13/2020 at 10:05PM [edited]

The Cal Poly eligibility index that all of CSUs use but varies by campus

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chiccc09/13/2020 at 10:09PM

Wait so 1000 is the score that u believe that I have?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chiccc09/13/2020 at 10:09PM

I will contact admissions as well

@DebaterMAX09/13/2020 at 10:11PM

No I made up the 1000 if I remember for engineering at Cal Poly it needs to be in mid 1600s+. If you search Cal Poly index by major you should be able to find the exact score. Hope this helps.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chiccc09/13/2020 at 10:38PM

Oh ok

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chiccc09/13/2020 at 10:38PM

Where can I find the index?

@DebaterMAX09/13/2020 at 10:54PM

So apparently they either stopped using it becuase if the Covid and test scores or I just can’t find it as I was looking at it in early summer. My bad.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chiccc09/13/2020 at 10:56PM

Ok thank you. Yes I looked for it too and it only has for spring 2021. I don't know how they will do it this year with covid

@gregccraw09/14/2020 at 12:14AM

I researched it, Cal Poly uses a computer algorithm called a MCA that determines your "score". Then they line everyone up and pick their cutoff, everyone above makes it in, everyone below doesn't. The info provided in this calculator shows everything Cal Poly sees when determining if you get in: Gumbymom over at CC thinks you need a 4700 to be competitive and at least a 4000 to get in. Im a 3500.

@DebaterMAX09/14/2020 at 12:18AM

This is a guess and Gumbymon seems to be guessing and it most definitely not official. But do they use something similiar I wouldn’t bet against it but keep in mind this isn’t official

@DebaterMAX09/14/2020 at 12:21AM

Also Cal Poly is rest Poly if I’m reading it correctly

@gregccraw09/14/2020 at 12:41AM

I'll agree on the speculative nature of her guess, but the MBA was based on the last concrete data from a presentation back in 2015 ish. Any reference to the MBA was removed from the Cal Poly website, but seeing as how they haven't put out anything new I think its fair to assume they use a similar system. Either way, since Cal Poly admissions are known to be very algorithmic in nature (even if the specific algorithm is unknown), and they dont care about ECs, CV's guess for my odds is very wrong.

@DebaterMAX09/14/2020 at 12:42AM

Also I’m pretty sure CSUs and definitely UCs are test optional so test scores shouldn’t factor in

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chiccc09/14/2020 at 01:46AM

Ok I'm confused how's it possible on this index to have more than 10 semesters of a course?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chiccc09/14/2020 at 01:57AM

Also my score is rlly low without the sat/act will all students experience this or is this system just going to be modified somehow?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chiccc09/14/2020 at 01:58AM

Lastly, does cal poly pomona even care about what ECs you do because it only asks about the hours?

@DebaterMAX09/14/2020 at 12:32PM

As I said it’s not official but I inputted 10 just to test it and I can write in 10 but I don’t know if it just calculates 8. And they are test optional and this appears to be from 2015 when they weren’t test optional. And Pomona does care about ECs. As I said it’s definitely not accurate

[🎤 AUTHOR]@chiccc09/14/2020 at 02:31PM

Ah ok thank you