4 years ago
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Is being a regular editor on Wikipedia a good EC?

Lately I've really been getting into editing the Wikipedia pages for my local area. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and I'm considering branching about more. I know this wouldn't really count as published research in any sense, but would this activity be good for my application? I'm thinking I might focus on articles related to my major to make it a little more relevant.


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4 years ago

So I asked this like 3 months ago and Short version is it shouldn’t be an EC under any circumstances.

Long version is ECs are susposed to be some combination of prestige, selectivity/competition and for lack of a better term community/audience. Being a wiki editor just means you spend time and there’s no barrier for entry. If you had to pass a qualifying test to edit or there was a qualification then a better case can be made for it being an EC.

Since you seem to be writing about your community instead of wiki try making a wordpress wix or weebly and you can create insert metro area blog run by Greg Craw. (Id say the order it’s in is the best order from best to least best) So I’d say blogging not wiki editing is your best bet.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify! If you’d like I can copy paste the top response to my question if so please let me know.

2 years ago

Reading your writing plans, I think your motives are interesting. This could make for a very interesting piece, in which you combine such useful things as editing Wikipedia articles. With your example, you can motivate someone else who wants to help the independent encyclopedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Editing

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