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Answer if you know about the UC Application and Dual Credit section!!

So I am trying to fill out the UC application for dual credit and it asks me about units. I'm not sure what units are?? Is it like credits, because I earned 4 credits each during the fall, winter, and spring terms of the college US history class I took in High School? Do I need to convert my credits into units and how do I do that? Please help me!

It also asks me for the Dept. (which I assume stands for the department) please let me know if I am wrong.

Can I have multiple answers please just to see if it unanimous?


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a year ago

I'm pretty sure that Credits = Units so 4 Credits = 4 Units, and 12 Credits = 12 Units.

So where I live that would be like taking History Department at Clackamas Community College and HST 202 for 4 credits.

I'm assuming the "department" is History because it in the course catalog that way and each semester is worth 4 credits so 3 semesters is 12 credits or 12 units.

Hope that works.


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