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Magnet Teacher LoR vs. STEM LoR?

I am a senior preparing for the college application process. I know a lot of colleges highly recommend a letter from a STEM and Humanities teacher, but I have a stronger bond with my magnet teacher (Think about it as a major). My magnet teacher teaches the Academy of Helth Professions and Sciences and I know she will write a strong recommendation. I am afraid this teacher would not account for a "STEM" teacher. I do have my Honors Physics teacher as an option to write a letter for me. So would you recommend to obtain the letter from my magnet teacher or do for Physics?

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Since your magnet teacher's subject is Health Professions and Sciences, that's still pretty science-oriented. If you're planning to go into health professions, it's even more clear that this teacher should write you a rec letter. Since you have a stronger bond with that teacher, and their subject is still in the science domain, I think the magnet teacher is a better choice (unless you want to major in Physics). Hope this helps, and let me know if you have more questions!


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