4 years ago
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How should I write 'Why transferred high schools' section on common app?

During my high school life, I attended three different schools. On the common app, there is a section that writes the reason why I left my previous school or why I choose to attend school. What I am wonder is should I write this section in essay format or bullet points format?


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4 years ago

So I’d say neither but essay would be the closest as you should write in more of a SRQ (short response question) For North School to West School say

In x semester of x year I transferred from North school to West school becuase of insert reason (moving opt in etc). West offers x y z which North didn’t. I made sure to take advantage of the new opportunities offered at the new school by doing blah blah

Then repeat it for West School for South School by subbing the words.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

6 months ago

i am writing to provide further information about my previous secondary/high schools and the reasons for leaving each of them. Firstly, i have changed my school into another one in order to study better and persue a more challenging academic environment and I had to made the decision to change school. At my previous school, there were no any opportunities and resources to improve my academic performance and aspirasions. Therefore, I sought out a school that could provide me with the necessary knowledge, experience and boosting other skills. I was enrolled into this school after taking challenging exam tasks. Furthermore, my current school is one of the most prestigious schools in my country.

2 years ago[edited]

So I won't say either, but the paper will be the closest since you should write more in the SRQs (short answer questions) from North to West

During x semesters in x years, I moved from the North Campus to the West Campus due to queue-cutting reasons (relocation registration, etc.). West provides x y z, while North does not. I took advantage of the new opportunities that my new school offered me.

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Then re-read the southern school for the western school and sign.

Hope this helps, please leave a comment if you need clarification as I'd love to help clarify!

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