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Do AP classes count for college credits?

I am a junior this year taking 3 AP classes, and I plan to take at least 3 more next year. I have heard in the past that if you score well on the test, you may earn college credits since AP classes are college level classes. However, I am not sure if these classes will actually count for credit in the UC system or any college for that matter. Can someone explain please?

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AP classes do count as college credits if and only if the college you are applying to has an AP Credit policy.

Each college has a different policy.

For instance, at William College, the Top #1 Liberal Arts College (US News College Ranking 2021) they do not trade APs for any college credits. You could have taken 20 APs, scored all 5s and they would give you ZERO college credit.

On the other hand, Harvard has an AP policy which in more generous only if you score a 5 on the test. So in theory you could take 10 APs, score say (5) 5s and 5 (4)s, and get full college credit for 5 classes. The amount of credit depends on the college as well. So if Harvard classes are 4 credits you would get 4 credits. Most schools use a 3 credit system for 1 full class.

At MIT, you only get AP credit for Humanities or Social Studies but do not get any credit for Maths, or STEM classes because they want you to take the MIT version when you get there.

At the UC system, yes you get college credit for APs. I believe you need a 3 or better.

Here is the UC AP policy.



There is a lookup AP Credit search on college board which is useful if you want to make a table for yourself and see which AP classes will benefit you the most.


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